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Safety Blood Lancets
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Safety Blood Lancets
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Safety Blood Lancets

Medical Disposable Sterile Safety Blood Lancet
, featuring the highest quality needle,
a tri-bevel tip dramatically reduces trauma when skin is punctured.
These lancets also offer universal style compatible with almost all lancing devices.

1. Maximum protection 
unique single-use design, needle is fully shielded before and after use.
thus minimizing the risk of needle stick injury and cross contamination between different people.
It cannot be reloaded or reused and retracts automatically and locks out for extra safety,
protecting patient and health professionals from needle stick injuries.

2. Sterile: gamma irradiation, needle protected by safety cap,Built-in needle protection system.
3. Minimal tissue damage:linear needle tracking to eliminate needle vibrations,
a release button that remains depressed after use to ensure one-time operation.

4. high quality tri-bevel and High-speed delivery and penetration method minimizes patient pain and clinician error.
5. Adequate blood sample guarantees accurate distance between the finger and the device during skin penetration
as the pressure applied to the puncture site is predetermined. This assures ultimate penetration depth control and
an adequate blood sample size.

6.Easy handling -easy to use button operated design, only 2 step operation, requires minimal training for new users.

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