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Safety butterfly Blood Collection Needles
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Safety butterfly Blood Collection Needles
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Safety Butterfly Blood Collection Needles

Blood collection needle is special designed to puncture venous blood vessel.
Secondary treatment with silicone to outer and inner walls of the needle enhances
blood collection speed and avoids damage of blood cells.
Sharp, smooth needle tip and quite thin needle wall reduce tissue trauma caused by puncturing,
decrease pain of patients after blood collection and endosmosis of tissue fluid.

Sizes details:

25G×3/4"×12"0.5×19mm×300mm  Orange
23G×3/4"×7"0.6×19mm×190mm  Blue
23G×3/4"×12"0.6×19mm×300mm  Blue
22G×3/4"×7"0.7×19mm×190mm  Black
22G×3/4"×12"0.7×19mm×300mm  Black
21G×3/4"×7"0.8×19mm×190mm  Green
21G×3/4"×12"0.8×19mm×300mm  Green
20G×3/4"×7"0.9×19mm×190mm  Yellow
20G×3/4"×12"0.9×19mm×300mm  Yellow

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